Vistamare is pleased to present Sounds from Another Room, an exhibition celebrating the gallery’s twenty years of activity.

Curated by Alessandro Rabottini, the exhibition brings together works by Mario Airò, Rosa Barba, Anna Franceschini, Linda Fregni Nagler, Bethan Huws, Mimmo Jodice, Joseph Kosuth, Armin Linke, Polys Peslikas, Haim Steinbach, Ettore Spalletti and Jan Vercruysse – artists who have defined the gallery’s two-decade history and have shaped its vision.

Each room will host a dialogue between works by two artists, thus illustrating relationships which have been established over the years, and correspondences which are suggested here for the first time.

The concept of the exhibition is inspired by the idea that the history of a gallery is more than the sum of the exhibitions held in its spaces and it is, above all, the history of the relationships that the gallery has formed and nurtured over the years—with the artists, the public, collectors, critics and curators, with its local context and the international art world, and with all the many other people who have, personally and professionally, come into contact with this place dedicated to art.

Vistamare opened in 2001 with Camera Italia, curated by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, an exhibition which, through a series of monographic presentations, celebrated the idea of the room as a space which has profoundly influenced the history of Italian art, from the frescoes of Pompei to the immersive environments of Lucio Fontana and the Futurist “total work of art”.
Sounds from Another Room stems from the desire to celebrate the past twenty years by shifting the focus from the individual dimension to the dynamics of relationships and dialogue, presenting a selection of moments from the gallery’s history as occasions for sharing, friendship and commonality of purpose.

The exhibition features dialogues between Mario Airò and Armin Linke, Rosa Barba and Joseph Kosuth, Anna Franceschini and Jan Vercruysse, Linda Fregni Nagler and Polys Peslikas, Bethan Huws and Ettore Spalletti, and between Mimmo Jodice and Haim Steinbach.